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Looking to join the ranks of leading Tunisian airlines like Nouvelair as a professional pilot?

The SFA program is the perfect place to start. Our training covers both theoretical and practical aspects, allowing you to meet the rigorous standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization and be prepared for a successful career in aviation in Tunisia.

EASA Trainig program EASA PPL ATPL Training Program


High school diploma in Science major

2 years of preparatory studies in higher education

2 years of higher education with maths and physics as core subjects

A program designed to join the most-known airlines in Tunisia


The Phases to ATPL ICAO Success

Becoming an airline pilot with an ATPL ICAO license involves a meticulously structured process, guiding aspiring aviators through distinct phases :


  • The first phase is the theoretical stage, where candidates delve into the intricacies of aviation through rigorous academic study.

  • This lays the foundation for the subsequent practical phase, where hands-on training and flight hours are accrued to hone flying skills.

  • Following this, individuals progress to the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) phase, refining their abilities to meet industry standards.

  • The final stage involves Instrument Rating (IR), enabling pilots to navigate diverse weather conditions with precision.

Each phase is meticulously designed to cultivate the expertise necessary for a successful career as an airline pilot in Tunisia.

ATPL Training Program

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