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If you want to take to the skies and explore the world of aviation, getting a Private Pilot License (PPL) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is a great way to start.

A Private Pilot License – EASA PPL (A) is a distinguished qualification that empowers the holder to take command of single-engine piston (SEP) aircraft in visual meteorological conditions (VMC). Whether serving as a pilot-in-command (PIC) or co-pilot, this license grants the privilege to operate in noncommercial operations without remuneration. Take the leap into your aviation career with our PPL (A) training, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling journey in the skies.

EASA Trainig program EASA PPL ATPL Training Program

Why choose SFA for Private Pilot Licence PPL?

Be 16 years old at the time of the first solo flight (you can therefore start your training at the age of 14)

Be at least 17 years old at the time of the flight test.

Be declared fit for the class 2 medical examination at the beginning of the training and at the latest on the day of the first solo flight.

Ready to take the controls and soar into your aviation dreams?


The Benefits of an EASA Private Pilot License (PPL)

Embark on a journey of freedom and opportunity with a Private Pilot License (PPL).
The benefits of a PPL are boundless :

  1. International Recognition: An EASA Private Pilot License (PPL) is internationally recognized, allowing you to fly in various countries under the European Aviation Safety Agency’s regulations.

  2. Versatility in Aircraft Operation: EASA PPL holders can operate a range of aircraft, providing flexibility and the opportunity to experience different models and sizes.

  3. Access to EASA Airspace: With an EASA Private Pilot License, you can navigate and fly within the European Union’s regulated airspace, expanding your flying horizons.

  4. Pathway to Advanced Certifications: This certification serves as a foundational step for pursuing advanced certifications, such as the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) or Instrument Rating (IR).

  5. Enhanced Safety Training: EASA’s rigorous training standards ensure that PPL holders are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe and responsible flying.

  6. Preparation for Professional Pilot Aspirations: For those aspiring to become professional pilots, the EASA PPL provides a solid starting point for building flight experience and advancing in their aviation careers.


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